Our administrative base is in Fotan, Hong Kong. This is your first line of contact. Our core staff have been with us for years and have grown with the company. They are young, bright, keen and very experienced.

We are also building a team of experienced field personnel whose function it is to introduce E & S and demonstrate the benefits of partnering with us. To find the contact details of the person responsible for your area just email us by
clicking here.

We were founded in 1989, which seems like only yesterday until you realise what we have achieved in that time. We have grown from a one man business with one or two minor outlets in department stores in Hong Kong, to the largest supplier of magic tricks in the whole world.

We have achieved this by hard work, attention to detail and respect for our clients. We are constantly aware that our clients pay our wages and that nothing, absolutely nothing must be allowed to interfere with the relationships we have and the promises we make.

Our showroom, an Aladdinˇ¦s cave of magic and illusions, is at our Fotan premises. It is a great place for meetings and for showing our clients how good our products are ˇK And they are very good. We also have our own purpose designed magic theatre and club where we train young magicians so they can pursue magic as a hobby or a business.

  We keep our magic in boxes and our customer service at the ready!  

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